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March 6, 2011


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I don't want to Google that chicken organ-business. I once Googled "spider bite gone awry" and I still can't shake it off.

I'm sorry you have rampant chicken maladies.

Also, I am love the new name "Pedophyllis." It's making me giggle at work.


One of my students has paid for 3 chicken surgeries in the past year. At least one of her chickens had a hysterectomy. I try to be sympathetic because she loves these birds but it sounds like a lot of money to spend on something you can eat for dinner.

Ollie (Melissa)

Ok, so I did google it. And it said something about using Preparation H to treat it since it's basically chicken hemorrhoids. Wow, the things the internet has to offer on a fine Sunday.

I hope she and the chick recover nicely.

Morgan B.

I googled. My eyes! My eyes! Poor chickie...

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