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November 28, 2010


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Virginia Burton

Don't you think CATHERINE and Jan read this blog? After all, Tara discovered that her ex's new wife reads hers. And you're pretty sure that the XY's lawyers do.

Or why not just call Jan and ask her what's up? Maybe they're into a menage a trois. (Sorry, I don't know HTML, or whatever it is that would allow accents and italics.) If so, you'd get full time custody and that would be lovely, wouldn't it?

I know you were planning to go to court over this, but it seems the XY has circumvented your objections by his late night/early morning visits. So, take a deep breath, be happy that you're not wasting the money on lawyers, and take comfort in the fact that your kids adore you and are merely infatuated with CATHERINE. Have they met Jan? Did you ask them how they got the brownies?

MFA Mama

Virginia--actually as far as I know the XY doesn't know about this blog. If he does, meh, whatever...wouldn't it be hilarious if CATHERINE and Jan read it, though? Lordy I hadn't even thought of that. I have no desire to speak to Jan, who is a lying snake and can absolutely bite me. The unbloggable court thing has to do with more than the XY's overnights with the boys and CATHERINE, although I'm not going to go into all the gory details...meanwhile if CATHERINE and Jan are reading this, Jan you look like a plucked chicken and CATHERINE, RUN, girl! Dudes who are divorced twice before they're forty are risky at best, and this one has more issues than National Geographic. Also, if he hits you, call me. xox


Snort. I just laughed out loud at your message above to CATHERINE. Ha!

I would be tempted to grind up those brownies from Jan. Overthinking or not, I don't think they'd be tasty. Heifer.

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