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October 21, 2010


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When you eat the double yolks do you ever think about the Siamese chicken twins that coulda been?

MFA Mama

a) I don't eat yolks at all due to cholesterol issues. I'll ask Hotter.
b) No rooster, remember? So it's basically a tasty chicken period.


Double Ds? Psh, bring it on! I'm at a large H right now. Even WITH a bra, I still have to awkwardly hold them if stairs are involved.


I wish I had your grandma's weird condition...

MFA Mama

OH NO YOU DON'T. I was a B before kids and wished for more, went up about 2/3 of a cup-size per kid, and have put on another cup to a cup and a half since my youngest was born, and while I was thrilled with a C and amused with a D the novelty wears off around D and after that it's just worrisome. Hotter loves the girls but with my bad back and lousy joints this is getting ridiculous. Plus it sucks to not be able to fit into a lot of "normal" bras and be shopping in the "three or more hooks in back" section of the specialty shops, TRUST ME. Also the clothing thing sucks, because if it fits my boobs it's baggy everywhere else and if it fits everywhere else I look like I'm begging for attention/looking to start a career in p0rn.

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