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July 20, 2010


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Mads Mom

Forget about deserving, did you leave any attached?

I've started to recognize some anger issues in my own world lately and imma thinkin head shrinking may be the answer. Oh joy!

While I rarely comment, I always read. Love your story and your ability to share it.


I am fond of saying that there are two types of people in the world: those who are decent and those who deserve a shitkicker traveling at high velocity applied directly to the back of their skull. It sounds like you were dealing with the latter, and for that I am sorry.


ExpressScripts rival is Medco. Like in excuse me while I reach through the phone and strangle you - you covered it last time but NOW I need a pre-authorization WTF???

MFA Mama

Yes, I've had dealings with them in the past, and they seemed to be equally rife with "yes we covered it last time but NOT THIS TIME SUCKAH!" and "you have to persuade both a GP *and* a specialist to separately plead on your behalf before we'll cover this," but I never had anyone from Medco be out-and-out RUDE! The corporate bottom-line-driven policies of suck are not the reps' fault, but their attitudes are.

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