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June 23, 2010


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Ollie (Melissa)

Maybe MIL is in denial? She was afraid to come out for fear that it might mean something very, very serious was happening to her baby boy? I hope that was what it was and not being an ahole.

I'm SO glad to hear he's better. I thought about you guys all night. What a terrifying thing to be going through.


Did you finally get your ice pop?

Denial runs deep in some. I suspect this is the case with MIL. If she can't see it, it isn't happening.

Bile in peritoneal cavity = bad. Fixing bile in peritoneal cavity = good. Glad to hear he is off the O2 as well. 95% is a perfectly respectable sat, given everything going on. Any changes in labs and vitals? How about the hallucinations? Sorry. Almost nurse here. If I'm asking too much, tell me to shut up.

MFA Mama

No worries, questions don't bother me.  I don't have very many specifics because I'm not there to ask for them, dammit.  Yes, I am on my fifth ice pop. 


Shit, when it rains it pours! Just catching up so I'm hoping further on that Hotter is much better and home.

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