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June 21, 2010


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Terri C

That is an awfully cute puppy and I love the stealthy little pink tongue giving kisses. Please kiss her on the top of her adorable little head for me!!


That is the sweetest-looking puppy! *cuddles*

...I mean, "Ahhhhh! Pitbull!!one!"


YAY for an adorable pittie! We have a 2.5 year old pit who is a like a dream with kids. Yours is beautiful (like the rest of the family).

Mama Kat

I think your reasons for choosing your dog are perfectly legit! Even if pit bulls do terrify me...that one looks pretty harmless. :)


How adorable! Pits make amazing family pets. Pupzilla is mostly pit. They are comical and sweet and wonderful with kids. Enjoy.

Deb Rox

Dogs can save depressed children's lives. Seriously good good goodness. Damn, too much stress on you, though, too. much.


Happy birthday, happy healthy, happy new puppy!

He looks like my former neighbor's dog. His name was Monster, and I used to tell his owner that he needed to put "Cookie" in front of it because that dog was as sweet as the day is long.

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