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May 10, 2010


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GO GET UM with great and voracious gusto!! F'ing insurance companies that think they personally own the world


"Oh my goodness"? wtf - my how you've changed... But I'm glad to hear that you've become a pet-personn, because it suits you, I think. Any who says they don't like animals is experiencing a disconnect between the heart and the mind.

On the other hand, choice of pets may be an issue, since they do reflect personality. I always thought of myself as a dog person (honest and loyal), but we've had mostly cats (loners who don't follow rules or ritual). I don't kbow WHAT yours say about YOU, sweetie. LOL!

As for climate contro, if I lived in your zone, I'd try one of these, or similar...


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With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

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