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December 25, 2009


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Wonderful! Hope you had a lovely day, we've done minimal Christmas today, but the constant supply of Baileys liquor has more than made up for it!


I think I laughed until I cried. Fabulous idea. So sorry it became necessary. Hugs to you all.


Middle Child cut straight to the Mother Of All Curse Words with an emphatic "f*ck ____!" and went to bed crying because I didn't tell them it was Festivus and let them start airing their grievances until almost bedtime, stating that "you shoona talt us dat SOONER so I ken say f*ck all d@mn DAY!")

I agree with Middle Child! But how you were able to keep from laughing is beyond me. Although we all know that it's bad, wrong, totally unacceptable to swear when little kids do it, it just cracks me up.
Merry Christmas to all

terri c

Oy. I am guessing that ____ involves some degree of exposure to the Y's mother. I am so sorry.

Merry effing ho-ho-ho.

Wacky Lisa

I knew of a speech therapist once who's main priority for teens & adults was the ability to say: no, stop, f*ck you/off, & help
So hey, middle child has one less thing to work on later in life :)
A day to air grievances sounds wonderful. it's just sad that kids have so many real grievances.

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